About Us

C.A. Bancorp Inc. is a Toronto-based merchant bank established to provide investors with access to a range of private equity and other alternative investment opportunities. Our business strategy is to invest in select opportunities in the Canadian mid-market sector where we can add significant value.

C.A. Bancorp focuses on four major asset areas: industrials, real estate, infrastructure and financial services. C.A. Bancorp will also originate, develop and manage private equity and structured investment products.

Investments will be in a number of diverse business activities, with both private and public companies. The public investments will focus on significant positions in mid-market companies trading on the TSX.

C.A. Bancorp will make investments of $0.5 million to $20 million in companies with enterprise values ranging from $25 million to $200 million. Transaction types may include:

• Open market purchases and private placements of public issuers
• Management buyouts
• Equity investments in private issuers
• Privatization of public companies
• Restructuring

C.A. Bancorp’s senior executive team, led by John Driscoll (Chairman and CEO) and consisting of Mark Gardhouse (President), Mark MacDonald (Managing Director) and Michael Lovett (Managing Director), offers a combination of strategic investment management experience and significant experience investing in private and public companies in Canada. For more information and to view the full management team, please click HERE.

C.A. Bancorp’s board of directors is responsible for oversight of the company. For more information and to view bios of the board of directors, please click HERE.