C.A. Bancorp targets investment opportunities that exhibit the potential for substantial capital appreciation through improved management, operational performance and enhanced strategic positioning. Desirable investment companies will also have sustainable cash flows and significant tangible assets.

C.A. Bancorp pursues investments that are expected to offer a minimum return of 1.5 times invested capital, with a typical range of 1.5 to 3.0. This represents annual returns of approximately 15% to 30% depending on how long the investment is held.

C.A. Bancorp, from time to time, will invest in Capital Pool Companies (CPCs). These may be in the real estate, infrastructure or other asset-rich areas.

C.A. Bancorp currently has an investment in Charter Realty Holdings Ltd., a real estate company that is designed to become a growth-oriented Canadian real estate investment focused on increasing shareholder value through the strategic acquisition, ownership and management of well-located, long-term leased specialized industrial and retail properties in select markets across Canada.