C.A. Bancorp seeks investments in mature industrial companies with operations in a variety of sectors, including the manufacturing, distribution and service sectors. These investments will typically exhibit stable and growing cash flows and significant tangible assets.

Real estate

C.A. Bancorp invests in real estate assets in well-located, long-term leased, specialized, industrial, commercial, healthcare, hospitality and retail properties, and other related real estate opportunities in select markets. Some of these investments will be effected through Charter Realty Holdings Ltd., a corporation in which C.A. Bancorp currently has a significant ownership interest. A key objective is to produce a geographically and sectorally diversified portfolio with stable and growing cash flows.


C.A. Bancorp’s infrastructure investment opportunities focus on power generation, transportation and utilities. We will invest primarily in sectors that exhibit sustainable cash flows in niche markets with significant barriers to entry. We intend to invest in infrastructure assets that provide stable rates of return over a long-term investment horizon.

Financial services

C.A. Bancorp invests in Canadian and international financial services businesses, including asset managers and investment counselors. It is anticipated that these investments will be structured to provide C.A. Bancorp with a majority controlling interest.